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May 11 — Price to Green River, 66 miles

May 13, 2019

As I loaded the bike to leave Price, a man leaned in our open motel room door and said, “Tell me you’re hauling a dog with you in that trailer!” “I am,” I said, and that’s when we met Bret and Charlie (, a man and the dog he found, left to die in a crate by the side of a road. They travel around the country by motorcycle (seems like cheating to me) spreading their “No dog left behind” message. What a great story they are writing and living!

The ride from Price to Green River was uneventful. After Wellington, which is right next to Price, we encountered 60 miles of barren, high desert with views of bluffs and snow-capped mountains so far away they could have been on another planet. Green River (pop. 952) seemed like a bustling metropolis after all that emptiness! I managed to steer Jax away from the river, only to have him jump into a water hazard on the golf course. Sleeping in a tent with a damp German Shorthaired Pointer wasn’t on my bucket list, but I got to check it off anyway. Next stop, Moab.

Jax and Charlie

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  1. Thanks for the great story of Charlie Bravo. It’s hard to believe anyone would abandon a dog like that and made me cry. Thanks also for continuing to share your adventure with us. Stay safe John and Jax.

    Carole and Chip

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