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April 26

April 27, 2019

Today’s 53 miles put us over the 500-mile mark! Jim and Holly, our hosts during the lay-off day while the bike and trailer were being repaired, made sure I was well fed and rested while their pack of 4 dogs kept Jax occupied. Road construction and flooding forced lots of detours along my route but amazingly, a fellow cyclist and Fiji brother named Gary Segers appeared on the shoulder of a road in Eagle (just outside of Boise), flagged me down, warned me of the upcoming hazards, led me around them with his truck and gave me detailed directions to my destination! I’d never met Gary before, but he had seen Jax and me riding up a pass in the Blue Mountains while he was driving home from Oregon. Days later, he happened to drive past us again. He saw us heading into trouble and took the time to stop and very thoroughly help us out. Wow. Thanks again, Gary, in case you’re reading this. And thanks to Linda and Trish for stopping to talk about K9s For Warriors and giving us encouragement. All in all, a beautiful day.

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  1. Linda Davidson permalink

    It was great meeting you and Jax! We look forward to following you and your adventures all the way to Florida. So amazing what you are doing to spread the message for the K9’s for Warriors ! Safe travels!

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  2. Gary Segers permalink

    I am following you John. What an absolute delight that I happened to see you and Jax approaching Boise. When I first saw him heading into Boise I figured he didn’t know that he was going to ride into major road work on a state highway. As a fellow bike rider I knew he needed the heads up before having to ride in vehicle lanes with a 50 mph speed limit. It only made sense to me to turn around and give him some help. How did he know I was a Fiji? He saw my license plate saying “USCFIJI”. John said “Hey, did you go to USC?” Yep, in the last century. He then said “are you a FIJI?” Whooaaa!!!

    Then when he opened the trailer and out comes big Jax I was dumbfounded. German Shorthair Pointers had been our family for years – my favorite dog ever.

    The other very bizarre part of the encounter is that I saw him heading up a major mountain pass a few days before when I was returning from Bend Oregon. At the time I saw him heading up that grade I thought – “that guy has got crouch nuggets for heading up that grade hauling a trailer”.

    Good luck John and Jax – I’ll be following a very gutsy brother. Perge!

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