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April 19-20

April 21, 2019
Beautiful morning for a ride, but I want to go back to Mitchell someday. Jax loved it.
There were only ~2,000 feet of climbing, but most of it was in the first 6.5 miles.
Jax has been trained to avoid rattlesnakes and vaccinated against their venom, just in case.
On the outside looking in, at the Dayville Cafe.
The amazing and kind Rose let us sleep in the Dayville Community Church.❤️
Monk, a Vietnam veteran, farmer and all-around interesting person, sent us off with a bag of Sunrise Station Hot Cereal Mix, made with four kinds of organic grain from his farm.

There’s only one photo from today’s ride, because it was pretty rainy all day, Jax’s trailer got three flat tires (burned through my spare tubes, couldn’t find the puncture, blah blah) and we only made 31 miles, ending up in John Day. Frustrating, but not interesting, so I’ll skip to a pic of two of the three gentlemen who went out of their way to help Jax and me get back underway.

Ken Olson of the Grant County Sheriff’s Department and Mike Schlappis, citizen of Grant County and Russ (not pictured) of the Fossil Shift Bike Shop 15 miles away, helped Jax and me when they had no reason to do so. It wasn’t Ken’s job, it wasn’t Mike’s concern and Russ’s shop was closed for the day. I will do my best to pay heir kindness forward.

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  1. JB Blake permalink

    Keep pedaling John. I love the kindness of strangers stories. Happy Easter my friend.

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  2. Matt McManus permalink

    I met you in Unity, Oregon, Today (4/22/2019). Best of luck navigating the goat heads farther down the road, and enjoy the scenery, and best of luck in this cause. I’m a 3rd generation veteran (Pearl Harbor – World War II, Vietnam, Gulf War Era), military service takes an intergenerational toll. Best wishes.

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    • Thank you for taking the time to tell me a little about yourself and for the goat head warning. I hope to fortify all four of our tires in Boise. It was great talking to you and an honor to meet you, Matt!


  3. Roger Hough permalink

    Love the great stories of kindness on the road. Apparently you have a Guardian Angel looking over you. Ride on Jax!

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